Put all your being in your art and at one point you will lose yourself in the moment. Someone is playing through you and you are just the pure witness. A fresh and blessed energy, full of wonder. Amit

Discover the magic of Bhakti (Devotional) Music: Kirtan, singing BHAJANS & CHANTING SANSKRIT MANTRAS

Practice & Benefits
"A mantra is not just something to chant. It is not chanting. A mantra is something to let sink deep in your being, just as roots go deep into the earth. The deeper the roots go into the earth, the higher the tree will go into the sky." - Osho

Your voice is your most precious instrument. Your voice can heal yourself and others, can connect you to your higher source. Chanting mantras, singing devotional songs (bhakti songs) is a transformative experience. It allows you to be yourself, to be honest and authentic. Deepens the feeling of devotion and connection with the divinity, the joy of opening your heart and silencing the mind.

Chanting the names of Gods is an ancient practice found in most of the spiritual traditions. Different names are chanted, following the same principle. By chanting these names in bhajans, chants and mantras, gradually we go deeper and deeper in the light of our own hearts. Our inner self is revealed. Chanting these names gradually we realize that we are being taken back to ourselves.

Why would you want to learn Indian Devotional Music?


 You want to start leading a kirtan and share your love and passion for kirtan with others

 You will be able to sing bhajans and to chant mantras in a kirtan

 You are/ preparing to be a Yoga teacher and you want to include devotional singing in your classes

 You already play other instruments and you love the sound of Indian devotional songs

 You feel a call in your heart to have this experience for your own personal practice

 You are part of a sangha where you meet for sharing kirtan



One session lasts for 1.5  hours.
All classes take place in Rishikesh, India, either at the teacher’s place or the student’s.

Having the instrument is not mandatory, but at one point it is recommended for self practice and stabilising what we have studied together.

Instruments can be purchased in Rishikesh, independently or together with Amit.


To study with an experienced harmonium teacher will help you to find your own scale that is suitable for your voice and to learn the notes of your scales. These are the first steps when learning harmonium. 

This foundation which is made of the correct technique of playing will give you the freedom and comfort to sing more naturally the mantras and bhajans you wish to learn, in your own style, alongside other musicians as well. 


Tabla is a traditional instrument that plays an important role in assisting a Kirtan and Indian Devotional Music. 

The right hand belongs to the heart, emotion. The left hand to consciousness, understanding. While playing Tabla, the energy of left and right is in perfect balance. In the middle is Life, the Self. This is an amazing meditation as witness, as Shiva is saying. Rhythm is a part of life, as our hearts beat in the same rhythm throughout our entire existence. As our hearts bring balance to our life, the tabla beat brings balance to music. 

Learning Tabla playing for beginners requires your commitment and daily practice for an extended period of time. Tabla might initially seem like it’s a simple instrument, but in fact is complex and mastering it requires at least one year of regular study. Your hard work and your dedication will pay off, as Tabla is an essential traditional instrument in the Kirtan, Bhajan and any devotional music practice.

You can learn the basics in 14 days intensive tabla classes, deepen your skill in 10 more classes. 

INDIVIDUAL SESSIONS    14 days sessions for beginners    10 days sessions for intermediate tabla players or playing other drum instruments


Djembe is a very powerful instrument assisting in a Kirtan and its main advantage is that it’s easy to learn, even for complete beginners which never played a percussion instrument. You only need the djembe and your hands. You can become skilled in the basics in only 7 days of djembe classes. Djembe doesn’t require knowledge of scales.

If you already know how to play djembe at a beginner level or you know another type of hand drum, you can perfect your technique with Amit.





  • For online harmonium lessons you need to have a harmonium. The teacher can help you choose an appropriate one, or even buy one for you from India and send it over
  • You need to have a good internet connection
  • One Skype Call with no cost for meeting each other and see what the student wants, assessing the student’s level.
  • One class is 1h 30’’
  • You can combine harmonium playing with vocal singing and chanting sanskrit mantras


Lead Singer Shivaratri Cafe Music
“Music is my sadhna in this birth. It reminds me how blessed i am to be able to connect through music. “ Amit

Amit is a devotional music singer and teacher of kirtan, bhajan, sufi music, playing on harmonium and tabla, living in Rishikesh since 2009. He met Sri Mooji Baba in 2013 and Guruji encouraged him to release an album, with His blessing. Mooji Ji gave his group the name Shivaratri Café, and he has been playing in Sri Mooji’s Satsangs every year, in Rishikesh, by his love and grace.

Amit has dedicated his entire life to Shiva. As a blessed child he was raised by his mother in the Durga energy, and from his father in the Kali energy. He studied meditation since childhood, learning and practicing with his masters.
Amit learned about the Sufi culture from his beloved Muslim Master. He also finished his Kryia Yoga meditation with the Hindu Yogi Swami Shiva. From 1999-2002 he lived in Osho Commune, where he took Sanyas and studied meditation techniques.


Individual Music Classes & Workshops
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Martin Ubeda Netherlands

Dear friends, Amit is a great teacher, both in music and in heart. I'm learning how to play the Harmonium in which he gives different kind of exercises which rise in difficulty. These exercises seem to follow in such a way you learn more quickly then you even self would expect. While playing he's very there with you and show you where you're a bit off or might improve. I like my lessons with Amit and even more love his company. If you want to learn the Harmonium, he's the teacher you should meet.

Dominique Youkhehpaz California

Amit is an amazing music teacher, I would recommend him without question! He presented Indian music in such an incredible, understandable way, and made it fun. Many years later I still sing the tunes we learned and the practices he give are so helpful to develop your music skills!

Linda Madani Bali

I highly recommend Amit as a music teacher to anyone from the novice to the more experienced musician. He is an excellent artist and a master of his art. I booked for 15 classes with him, and I learned a great deal. I had contacted him for harmonium lessons, but he also coached me on my voice and rhythm.

Jessica Gibba Spain

Very pleasant experience. Luckily, in my time spent in Rishikesh, I met Amit , a very good teacher, passionate about music. In a simple and very clear way he gave me the foundation to start playing Harmonium. In addition, he gave me the opportunity to enjoy some of his concerts. I am eternally grateful I could understand the structure of this wonderful music and definitely fall in love with India! Ten points without a doubt!

Magda Garcia Gavaldà Spain

I had an amazing time with them. After one week workshop I was able to play and sing some mantras with the harmonium and even be able to find chords, scales....and I never played before. They are patience and you feel they do it with a lot of love  I would recommend it to everybody even for the ones who never played music before, a good chance to do it with the right people 🤗Thanks a lot