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Rishikesh – Haridwar – Dharamshala – Delhi


Dear friends, We are happy to share with you the spiritual beauty of India, in a 12 day group tour in Northern India.

We’ve chosen this track because Northern India and the Himalayas are so rich in spiritual culture and encompass so many places blessed by Shiva. We’ve felt ourselves the energy of these places and the way it has worked in our lives.

We’ve created this beautiful journey with the desire to take us all deeper into the light of our hearts and connect with our real space and to experience a different way of living.

By Shiva’s blessing, everyone will receive the energy of these sacred places and touch the real peace in their heart.

With love, Amit and Yoli  Om Namah Shivaya


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Experience Northern India with us for 12 days, in an incredible journey through the iconic spiritual cities of this region: Rishikesh, Haridwar and Dharamshala.

Amit and Yoli will be your guides through these fascinating lands and you will be introduced to the spiritual traditions on India – visiting holy places, participating in traditional rituals, devotional singing, meeting the holy men of India, practicing yoga, meditation and much more.

All our trips during this 12-days journey will be made by private cars and the accommodation will be in beautiful resorts and hotels in shared rooms – which we will agree upon together before.

The meals will be mostly with Indian vegetarian food, in restaurants that have already been selected by us and known to be clean, safe and delicious.

After resting one night in Delhi, Rishikesh – known to be the World Capital of Yoga, is our first stop. From visiting temples, participating in special local ceremonies by the Sacred river Ganges, Ayurvedic massage, we will experience Rishikesh in many different ways.

There will be a day trip to Haridwar with a local guide that will tour us around the sacred temples dedicated to Shiva and his beloved Parvati. This will be a very special experience as you will understand the meaning of the symbols and feel the energy of these places, you will gain a deeper understanding of the Indian traditions.

During our stay in Rishikesh we will visit several ashrams, you will be introduced to heart opening meditations and simple and gentle Yoga asanas.

Dharamshala is the current residence of Dalai Lama and the place where you will meet and feel the Buddhist and Tibetan traditions. In this spiritual centre of India, we will visit a monastery, temples, meet a spiritual Hindu leader and visit his ashram.

After all these encounters and visiting, you will have some free time to explore Dharamshala on your own or just relax, the city is truly majestic and worth going around.

We will end our journey in New Delhi, the capital city of India in a famous Ashram, participating in yoga class, meditation and attending a Satsang in the Ashram.



PRICE: 1300 / 1450$ 

The advance is 300 / 450$  through WiseTransfer, by 1st of November 2019

The advance is nonrefundable.


The package includes:

o Private cars with A/C for transportation between locations and airport pick-up

o Beautiful accommodation in hotels and ashrams, with shared rooms – two separate beds or one large bed in each room.

o One complimentary 1 hour Abhiangam Ayurvedic Massage from our side.

o Morning Pranala Yoga in Rishikesh with Yoli

o Morning Meditation/Yoga Nidra with Amit in the other days of our journey (timing is flexible)

o Breakfast

o Photographs will be taken every day with a professional camera, and a selection will be sent to you each evening.

o Entry fees to ashrams/temples

o Local SIM with internet



The package does not include:

o Flight ticket to India
o Visa expenses
o Medical and travel insurance (mandatory)
o Lunch and dinner

Our journey will be in English. Translation in Romanian is available.

All schedules will be flexible, according to the group’s energy and feeling.

The total amount for two meals per day is around 15 euro, each day of the journey.


If you are interested to attend a Yoga Teacher Training Course, Yoga Alliance certified, during this journey in India, we can help you choose a TTC course in Rishikesh for 200, 300 or 500 hours. Let us know before the journey starts.


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 All paths lead to the same point: widening your perspective by experiencing completely different spiritual cultures. The schedule is made so as in two weeks you can experience with intensity the cultural and spiritual diversity of Northern India.

  Experiencing India as it is: India is raw and authentic. This is a tour among friends, not with a tour operator, and we are not shying away from showing you everything exactly as it is, with no touristic coating.

  Authentic guide: You will be guided by Amit, a simple and authentic being, that has dedicated his entire life for Shiva and for truth.

  Ripple effects: the seeds that you plant in this journey will grow and you will receive the blessings and the fruits of this journey long time after returning from India.

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In our own journey together we felt, since the first moments, that beyond words, we speak the same language.
Our similar nature recognizes the same truth in all major traditions: we feel much love and devotion for Sri Mooji, visit with gratitude Amit’s Muslim Master, and we are melted by the inner beauty of our Orthodox priest which wed us in Romania in 2017. In Dharamshala, Nepal and Thailand we prayed and felt the energy of the Buddhist temples. We feel the same awe and amazing beauty in Hindu, Christian or Buddhist temples, churches, mosques, same energy expressed differently.
We live in the Holy City Rishikesh, India, The Yoga Capital of the World. We’ve blended our gifts and talents for all those who wish to go deeper in the lights of their own hearts, through the Indian spiritual energy: Yoli’s experience of traveling in India as a Western woman and Amit’s previous experience as a guide, sharing the Indian spirituality and teaching devotional music in travel groups.


Amit – India

Amit is a devotional music singer and teacher of kirtan, bhajan, sufi music, playing on harmonium and tabla, living in Rishikesh since 2009. He met Sri Mooji Baba in 2013 and Guruji encouraged him to release an album, with His blessing. Mooji Ji gave his group the name Shivaratri Café, and he has been playing in Sri Mooji’s Satsangs every year, in Rishikesh, by his love and grace.

Amit has dedicated his entire life to Shiva. As a blessed child he was raised by his mother in the Durga energy, and from his father in the Kali energy. He studied meditation since childhood, learning and practicing with his masters.
Amit learned about the Sufi culture from his beloved Muslim Master. He also finished his Kryia Yoga meditation with the Hindu Yogi Swami Shiva. From 1999-2002 he lived in Osho Commune, where he took Sanyas and studied meditation techniques.

Yoli – Romania

Yoli was introduced to Hatha Yoga in 2007 and later on, in 2013, started to practice consistently for a few years, alongside studying different spiritual traditions with a spiritual teacher. 

At the end of 2016 she came in India for the first time and soon her heart called for Rishikesh. Since 2013 Yoli is working as an independent graphic designer and after moving in India she works as a conscious empowering graphic designer (yoga, healing, therapies etc.). In Rishikesh she studied Ayurvedic massage. She is a 200h Certified Hatha Yoga Teacher from Sanatana Yog Sandesh School in Rishikesh and is also studying Ayengar Yoga in Omkarananda Patanjala Yoga Kendra in Rishikesh. In 2019 she graduated a 200h Yoga Pranala Teacher Training Course in Bali, Indonesia, at Nalanda – School of Higher Knowledge and Bhakti Yoga. 


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