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Offer your group unique sessions of the yogic practice of Nada Yoga Nidra.

In Yoga Nidra we go in an induced guided meditation towards deep state of relaxation, while keeping our awareness awake. It is the place between being awake and sleeping. In this way we can discover consciously, gradually, the states of wakefulness, dream and deep sleep. It is a deep listening practice correlated with deep relaxation. It will be an one hour meditation, lying down in Savasana.

In Indian spirituality we believe that the Universe is made of vibrations of sound. So, with this deep listening practice, we can feel that vibration inside our hearts and observe that the distance between the sound and the listener gradually becomes shorter, until inner silence is experienced: being as pure vibration.

Nada is the vibration of sound. Nidra means conscious sleep. Both practices are ancient and come from the Hindu, Buddhist and Tantric spiritual traditions.Therefore, in Nada Yoga Nidra we make use of the sounds: the Universal Sound Om, mantras, sounds of the outer world. The sounds are being redirected through guided meditation in the heart space – Anahata Chakra.

Nada Yoga Nidra sessions have therapeutic benefits in balancing our emotional and mental bodies, strengthening our immunity system, relieving stress and inducing a pleasant state of wholeness.

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Amit is a devotional music singer and teacher of kirtan, bhajan, sufi music, playing on harmonium and tabla, living in Rishikesh since 2009. He met Sri Mooji Baba in 2013 and Guruji encouraged him to release an album, with His blessing. Mooji Ji gave his group the name Shivaratri Café, and he has been playing in Sri Mooji’s Satsangs every year, in Rishikesh, by his love and grace.

Amit has dedicated his entire life to Shiva. As a blessed child he was raised by his mother in the Durga energy, and from his father in the Kali energy. He studied meditation since childhood, learning and practicing with his masters.
Amit learned about the Sufi culture from his beloved Muslim Master. He also finished his Kryia Yoga meditation with the Hindu Yogi Swami Shiva. From 1999-2002 he lived in Osho Commune, where he took Sanyas and studied meditation techniques.

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