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This workshop is an overall introduction to Nada Yoga – The yoga of sound.

The metaphysical teachings of Nada Yoga are ancient in our Indian Tradition, used by Indian saints and devotees alike. It has been documented in sacred texts and also passed orally from generation to generation.

नादयोग In Sanskrit, Nada is translated as the Vibration of Sound, and Yoga is Union.

Therefore, Nada Yoga is the union through the vibration of sound.

The vibration of sound is part of the entire Universe, including us. From the smallest particle to galaxies, everything has its own sound. Science proved that this universe is formed by vibrations. And In India we also believe that this universe was born from sound. This sound is AUM – the first vibration before creation, from which the universe was born.

By diving deep in our own hearts through the vibration of sound, we connect with the Universal Sound energy present in the manifested creation. As above, so below.

With practice, the external sounds are gradually conveyed into internal sounds, residing in Anahata – the Heart Chakra. In this way Nada yoga is taking us from the mind space into our heart space. As Christians say: to melt the mind in the heart. In this deep and delicate process, by meditation we can connect with the subtle inner sound in our hearts.

­Going deeply with full dedication and devotion as a supreme practice, it can lead to liberation through concentration on the subtle inner sound.

In this workshop we will focus on the meditative vocal practice with the notes in the Indian Traditional music: Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Dha, Ni Sa and various practical exercises to help us go deeper inside.

We will briefly explore the mythology of Nada Yoga and the structure and the different form of Raagas.

You will receive simple home practices, which you can use to continue your exploration in Nada Yoga wherever you go.

For every one of us on the path of Yoga, of union of the supreme consciousness (Shiva Consciousness) with the individual consciousness, Nada Yoga is a priceless and powerful tool that will deepen your personal practice or your teaching practice.

Om Namah Shivaya


  1. Deepen your devotional practices with chanting mantras
  2. Develop your vocal and instrumental musical abilities
  3. Overcome your fear of not expressing yourself fully and discover the real potential of your voice – some beings really want to sing, but they are shy or they think they don’t have the qualities and it is not for them. Our attention is to channelize the energy on the throat chakra, which many times it is blocked by fear and emotions. The focus is to do work on clearing these blockages and slowly slowly, with practice, you will feel the change and start to find the confidence inside, to share and expose your feelings.
  4. Use the healing energies of the kirtan for your meditative musical experience
  5. Learn how to work with mantras to receive the grace of particular aspects of God: Shiva, Ganesha, Saraswati etc.

This workshop is for you if you are:

  • A Yoga practitioner/teacher or a sound healer who wants to add the devotional practice of chanting mantras and kirtan into their life and share from heart to heart with the dear ones or with students.
  • A musician who wants to deepen the singing skills with the Hindustani style of singing.
  • Anyone who has the natural gift, who feels in their heart the interest and the calling to develop music abilities and go deeper in the light of their own hearts.

We are here to work together on all the above levels. Hari Om 


15.00-16.00 Meditation with Mantras

16.00-17.00 Harmonium & Vocal practice

17.00-18.00 Tabla/ Djembe practice


This workshop is Level I – meaning it is accessible to all students, regardless of their previous musical experience.
For those which want to go deeper we can organise the Level II of this course.

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Amit is a devotional music singer and teacher of kirtan, bhajan, sufi music, playing on harmonium and tabla, living in Rishikesh since 2009. He met Sri Mooji Baba in 2013 and Guruji encouraged him to release an album, with His blessing. Mooji Ji gave his group the name Shivaratri Café, and he has been playing in Sri Mooji’s Satsangs every year, in Rishikesh, by his love and grace.

Amit has dedicated his entire life to Shiva. As a blessed child he was raised by his mother in the Durga energy, and from his father in the Kali energy. He studied meditation since childhood, learning and practicing with his masters.
Amit learned about the Sufi culture from his beloved Muslim Master. He also finished his Kryia Yoga meditation with the Hindu Yogi Swami Shiva. From 1999-2002 he lived in Osho Commune, where he took Sanyas and studied meditation techniques.

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